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Our mission statement

The mission of the USC Institute of Transportation Engineers chapter is to promote the development of innovative and sustainable transportation solutions that meet the needs of the community. We aim to foster discussion and collaboration among students, faculty, and professionals in the transportation industry to advance the field of transportation engineering and planning. Our chapter is committed to exploring and addressing the most pressing transportation issues of our time, including smart systems, micromobility, and equity in transportation access. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that encourages diversity of thought and promotes the exchange of ideas.

Meet our 2023-2024 leadership team

Headshot for Kai Vincent

Kai Vincent


BS Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation, BS Business Administration

Headshot for Alex Wang

Alex Wang

Vice President for External Affairs

BS Industrial and Systems Engineering, BA Intelligence and Cyber Operations

Headshot for Andrew Keefer

Andrew Keefer

Vice President for Internal Affairs

BS Civil Engineering

Headshot for Haoyue Wang

Haoyue Wang


MS Transportation Systems Management

Headshot for David Martinez

David Martinez


BS Public Policy

Headshot for Dhruv Chakraverti

Dhruv Chakraverti

Graduate Recruitment Chair / Project Manager

MS Urban Planning

Headshot for Lindsey Housinger

Lindsey Housinger

Communications Chair

BS Public Policy

Headshot for Aishu Sivamurugan

Aishu Sivamurugan

Social Media Chair

BS Industrial and Systems Engineering

Headshot for Brandon Sanchez

Brandon Sanchez

Project Manager / ASCE Liaison

BS Civil Engineering

Headshot for Tim Labounko

Tim Labounko

Immediate Past President

BS Urban Planning

Headshot for Eric Shen

Eric Shen

Faculty Advisor

BS Civil Engineering, MS Civil Engineering