USC Institute of Transportation Engineers

At the forefront of transportation engineering and planning

What We Do

We are a group of student engineers, planners, and thinkers who aim to reimagine transportation systems. We recognize the inter-disciplinary nature of Transportation Engineering, and hope to foster discussion on and work on projects relating to "hot" transportatiom issues such as "smart" systems, micromobility, and equity in transportation access. We work with industry experts to reimagine the streetscape, and engage in a dialogue with other ITE teams all over the country.

We're not just engineers

Tranportation engineering is often seen as a very quantitative process, involving Level of Service calculations and road geometry measurements. However, transportation engineering is so much more than that. It requires planners, data scientists, historians, and so much more. Our 2022-2023 e-board reflects the interdisciplinary nature of Transportation Engineering, and we hope to further diversify our perspectives through our members in the coming years.

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Our Projects

Throughout the year, ITE participates in several projects. These projects are inter-disciplinary by nature, involving both quantitative, big-data, analysis, and also qualitative research into social and political issues. Examples of our projects include our Annual Student Chapter Night Presentation

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Schedule of Events

For more updates on our projects, trips, and activities, take a peek at our calendar!

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